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For the Love of Maggie O'Die

A mystery wrapped around a love story. Woman of a certain age and head of All Bio, Maggie O’Die sees a strange likeness to her long missing husband in young private investigator Ryger Deacon. When a secret group places a bounty on their heads, Ryger flees and discovers unexpected answers to his past, as he searches for Maggie O’Die and the granddaughter heir to her vast fortune.

What readers are saying about this book...

"Like so many mysteries, Cle Curbo’s new novel, For the Love of Maggie O’Die, opens with a body, but lest you get too comfortable, nothing is at all what it seems. From the first page, Curbo crafts a mystery, sci-fi adventure that takes the readers on a rollercoaster ride, putting them in the driver’s seat, while trying to figure out what exactly is happening. The book grabs you and makes you want to keep reading with crisp prose and engaging dialogue. Curbo hooks his readers by dishing out the clues with a deft and talented hand, offering enough breadcrumbs to keep his audience reading until the crack of dawn."

M.L. Hamilton

Author of the Peyton Brooks Mysteries

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For the Love of Maggie O'Die

In the Garden of Mistress Bloom

This collection of short stories won 1st Place in Science Fiction in 2021

(see, p. 59 of the May/June 2022, issue of Writer’s Digest).

Strange little book of fictional short stories, whimsical and surreal. I loved writing the book, and had many giggles each time that I reread for editing purposes. The first story is In the Garden of Mistress Bloom, a bit of garden, galactic empire, and folktale complete with human and non-human characters. In The 19th Frustration, we find our hero and heroine caught up in a time and dimensional struggle with advanced alien culture. In Vanlines - The Driver, our hero couple must sort out an untimely trip to the Pleistocene. In Coyote Tower, all state workers will shudder as the characters suffer under new management. In Memory of Glass, we discover renewed action from a wheelchair-using dreamer about to be forced to retire. This is Cle' Curbo's first collection of short stories. His name is pronounced "klay."

Cover Design, Courtesy of Michael Wrigley.

"With setting, characters and plots widely diverse, each of the stories in this collection kept me turning pages, and surprised me with many plot twists and thought provoking concepts." Read More

- Kirkus Review

In the Garden of Mistress Bloom

Enter Living

A dark, adult fantasy, Cle Curbo's first novella starts off with a bang of a phone call. "Daddy, mom's boyfriend Mark is after me and I'm hiding in the bathroom." Harry's frantic call from his twelve year old daughter Madison fills Harry with hasty angst.. "Don't
worry sweetheart, daddy's coming to get you."

Enter Living

Quest for Sylvane

To prevent alien rule on Earth, Watcher Agent Sylvane Langtree seeks help on planet Ghames but is abducted in transit by a secret and powerful group and taken to distant beta-Goltim as bait to catch a rogue agent.

Quest for Sylvane
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